Top 5 Agents in Valorant Episode 2 Act 2

Top 5 Agents in Valorant Episode 2 Act 2


With the release of Round 2 in Valorant, players want to reach a higher rank than before.

In terms of winning a match, the selection of the Agent and the overall team composition will greatly influence the outcome of the match. Instead of insta-locking Duelists, players should use an Agent who will affect play every round. Especially at the higher Elo, it was important to have a knowledgeable and versatile team.

5 best agents to use in Valorant Episode 2 Act 2

5. Jett

Jett (Image via Riot Games)

Jett (Image via Riot Games)

Jett's pick rate is very high for a reason. He is the most mobile Agent in Valorant, with outstanding trade resistance.

After finishing off the enemy, Jett can use his Tailwind to escape. In doing so, he can give his team an all-around scoring lead.

Jett is also the main Operating Agent at Valorant. Not only can he turn down trades but he can also play off-angles with his Updraft. He often caught enemies off guard when playing vertical corners.

Jett can also cut visibility with his Cloudburst smoke. Despite being a bit nerfed, Cloudburst is still effective, especially when running on site quickly.

Jett is well equipped to get an early kill in the round. His trading refusal, along with his off-angles, makes him an excellent Duelist on any team.

4. Killjoy

Killjoy (Image via Riot Games)

Killjoy (Image via Riot Games)

When it comes to holding bombs on Valorant, Killjoy is supreme. His equipment can be used to find enemies and do a little damage.

Killjoy is the only Sentinel in Valorant that can inflict damage on enemies with his abilities. The turret, which doesn't do much damage, causes bullet attacks on the enemy.

Killjoy's Nano Swarm, however, deals a lot of damage to the enemy. This ability acts similarly to Molotov, damaging any player standing within its radius while in effect. Nano Swarm can knock enemies out of corners or delay site attacks and reloads.

Killjoy's ultimate capability, Lockdown, is great for initiating site reloads or site pushes. Once activated, a 15-second countdown will start. When detonated, all opposing players within the Lockdown radius will be "held" for seven seconds. Players who are detained will not be able to use weapons or abilities.

Killjoy is Valorant's strongest defender and will continue to improve even in Round 2.

3. Brimstone

Brimstone (Image via Riot Games)

Brimstone (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant Episode 2 starts with a buff to Brimstone. All of his equipment, apart from the last one, was strengthened.

Brimstone's signature ability, Sky Smokes, allows him to place up to three smoke clouds per spin. Brimstone, unlike the other Control Agents in Valorant, can simultaneously remove the smoke. When it comes to fast execution, Brimstone is the right Controller.

Also, Brimstone has great stalling power with its Incendiary. Players who have a molly formation up their sleeves can grip round after round for their team. With Incendiary and Orbital Strike available, Brimstone can punish enemies who try to defuse bombs.

All Control Agents have a unique playstyle in Valorant, but Brimstone offers the most practical approach.

2. Sova

Sova (Image via Riot Games)

Sova (Image via Riot Games)

Sova's reconnaissance abilities in Valorant should not be underestimated. Finding enemies before pursuing a strategy can give Sova and her teammates an advantage.

Sova also has an Owl Drone, which allows her to remotely control the drone to find and even mark enemies. He and his team can use this intel to plan their next move.

With her Shock Darts, Sova can fire electric arrows to inflict damage on enemies. Players with extensive Shock Dart knowledge can use it to delay bomb disposal.

Lastly, Sova has one of the strongest ultimates in all of the Valorant. Hunter's Fury allows him to fire three electric arrows that pierce a wall, which does 80 damage to the player. This ultimate can be used to get early or post-plant picks to prevent the bomb from defusing.

1. Breach

Breach (Image via Riot Games)

Breach (Image via Riot Games)

Breach requires some team coordination, but if used properly, it can become a real nuisance to enemies.

With all his purchased abilities, it looks like Breach has enough utility to take on the whole team. In total, he can have three flashes for 600 credits or 100 credits each. Also, he can buy aftershocks, which are explosions that pierce a wall. Breach also has an amazing ability called Fault Line.

Although Breach can use his abilities on his own, his equipment is best used in conjunction with his teammates. Breach can use his abilities remotely, making him a great initiator. However, Breach needs to communicate with his team to make sure he doesn't mistake his abilities.

Rolling Thunder, Breach's main ability, sends out a massive earthquake that knocks out and knocks anyone near. Breach and his teammates were able to completely take the site after his Rolling Thunder started. Breach can knock opponents off the bomb with Rolling Thunder, making it a great post-factory finish too.

There is no end to utility with Breach. The gear, especially when setting up teammates, is great for executing site fetches and reloads.

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Act 2 has just started in Valorant, so Riot can change a character or two. For now, however, this Agent is certainly a great choice in the composition of any team.

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