Watch Dogs: Legion To Get Aiden Pearce As A Fully Playable Character

Watch Dogs: Legion To Get Aiden Pearce As A Fully Playable Character


At the Ubisoft Forward event, the company revealed that Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 1, will be available on Watch Dogs: Legion. The game is scheduled for release on October 29, but Aiden Pearce will arrive as a fully playable character after the game launches.

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Aiden Pearce will arrive with his unique character arc that will be available as a part of the DLC included in the season pass. Pearce has a beard now, but he still has his usual hat and a leather jacket.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be available on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Stadia. It will be accessible on the Xbox Series X and Series S starting November 10 and for the PS5 at some point when the console was released.

The gameplay

We also saw a new trailer of the game featuring some characters that players will be able to recruit in the game, set in a London premise.

You will be able to recruit or play as anyone from the entire London population. Any character you see in the game can join your fight and with their unique backgrounds, personalities, and skills.

To customize recruits, you can unlock the unique perks of each Legion member based on your strategy. Each character can be upgraded in classes such as Hacker, Intruder, and Forward.

Finally, British rapper Stormzy will also appear in Watch Dogs: Legion with a mission.

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When we get to this topic, French studios also have a few other surprises. For example, Ubisoft announced rumors about the Prince of Persia Remake, due for release on January 21, 2021. Additionally, we can finally see the full reveal of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Riders Republic, and Scott Pilgrim VS The World: Full edition.

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