Fortnite Season 7: Grab-Itron Location, weapon stats, and more

Fortnite Season 7: Grab-Itron Location, weapon stats, and more


Grab-Itron, or Fortnite's gravity gun, arrived this morning and is sure to throw things off a bit.

The gun was originally teased during the 17.20 update and was called the "Cowinator" by some leakers.

However, Epic Games soon entered the stage to put an end to the rumors.

The long-awaited weapon has finally been added to the game ahead of the Rift Tour event and Ariana Grande concert via the 17.30 update.

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Grab-Itron in Fortnite allows players to pick up objects and throw them at other players, which sounds pretty interesting. It can also direct incoming rockets, which makes it very useful for defense as well.

Now that the weapon has officially arrived, the following section will explain it further to give players an idea of where they can get it from and what it's used for.

Gravity Gun in Fortnite: What does it do?

While using this new weapon is fairly simple, it doesn't function in the same way as other weapons in the game.

Fortnite players must first aim and shoot at the object they want to grab. Once done, they will be able to move it through the air using their aim.

Grab-Itron arrives at the BR title this morning

Grab-Itron arrives at the BR title this morning (Image via Epic Games)

Holding down the reload button will allow players to play whatever they pick up. Finally, they need to press the fire command one more time to throw the object in the desired direction. Grab-Itron will allow players to not only defeat their enemies but also destroy UFOs and destroy other structures and buildings.

Where to find the Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Grab-Itron can be found in chests. However, the spawn ratio for this weapon may not be as high as the others. Players will have a better chance of finding this weapon by landing on the Kidnapper.

Fortnite players can also get it as a gift from Mothership after playing the orb collection mini-game.

Grab-Itron stats

The power of the weapon depends on the object the player gets. Unsurprisingly, the weapon's stats are a little low as it depends on the selected object.

Here are Grab-Itron's full stats:

  • Fire rate – 1
  • Magazine size – 1
  • Reload time – 0.9 seconds

As mentioned earlier, Grab-Itron in Fortnite can also be used for defense as it helps redirect incoming heat.

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