When should Rockstar release GTA 6?

When should Rockstar release GTA 6?


Rockstar Games took a long time to announce GTA 6. Nonetheless, it continues to be the most talked-about topic on the internet.

With the hugely successful GTA series, Rockstar Games has cemented its position in the video game industry. GTA 3, the series' first 3D release, was hailed as a game-changer in the open-world action-adventure genre. Since then, any game with the slightest resemblance to GTA gameplay has been labeled a "GTA clone."

In the early 2000s, Rockstar released three GTA games in a row, each very popular and more successful than the previous one. GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas were released in 2001, 2002, and 2004, respectively.

GTA 4, the next major installment, came out in 2008, with a relatively bigger gap in between than the previous one. GTA 5 came out in 2013 with an even bigger gap of five years. And since then, we don't have anything related to the new GTA game.

Rockstar has consistently broken sales records and received praise for its profitable releases, such as the GTA and Red Dead series. However, the industry giant has been completely silent about the next title in the GTA franchise.

Why Rockstar is taking so long to announce GTA 6

One of the main reasons Rockstar kept it a secret may be due to the disastrous launch of a similar title, Cyberpunk 2077. The game was announced in 2012, even before the launch of GTA 5, and the first trailer is out next year.

For seven years, CD Projekt Red has continued to deliver a hype train, raising fan expectations every time with new trailers, announcements, and gameplay footage. The end product is a title that's not even halfway done and is a prime example of how a game shouldn't be made.

This may have prompted Rockstar to remain silent before most of GTA 6 was completed and not to rush to finish the project. Another reason for their indifference may be rooted in a much more familiar topic, namely profit.

GTA 5 and its online variants are the most profitable business ventures the company has ever produced. The amount of money that GTA Online makes annually makes no financial sense for Rockstar to currently launch a new GTA title.

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When should GTA 6 be released?

The release date of GTA 6 has sparked a lot of jokes among fans. Some say that the game will be released when their grandchildren grow up. Others ignore the game's existence altogether, claiming that Rockstar will continue to re-release the game on future consoles.

By this point, Rockstar had beaten Bethesda to be the target of a re-release of the joke. Where the Elder Scrolls series continues to release Skyrim remasters, GTA Online seems to be heading in the same direction.

According to many fans, 2023 would be a reasonable release date for GTA 6, but only if the game has been in development for years. Some have speculated that the "leak" didn't even leak at all and may have been intentional, claiming that it was Rockstar's way of revealing the game's whereabouts.

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