5 pedestrians in GTA 5 who have a secret dialogue with Trevor

5 pedestrians in GTA 5 who have a secret dialogue with Trevor


GTA 5 introduces many new characters. It manages to set itself apart from other GTA games as it allows the player to switch between three playable characters.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the three playable characters, are all different and bring a fresh new feel to the game. These characters are truly engraved in players' memories with their actions in GTA 5.

Trevor Phillips, one of the playable characters in the game, hits the ball out of the park with his in-game depiction. There are many instances in GTA 5 where Trevor can engage in conversation with pedestrians. This article will focus on 5 walkers in GTA 5 who have a secret dialogue with Trevor.

5 pedestrians with secret dialogue with Trevor in GTA 5

1) Tonya

Tonya Wiggins appears as a stranger in GTA 5. She is friends with Franklin and has a habit of cracking. If players visit it with Trevor as a character, they'll probably get involved in some secret dialogue and it seems like a "some good time" too.

He tells Trevor that he sold his body to support himself and JB. Trevor rejects her offer by saying, "I've got very low standards, but even I ain't gonna sink that low."

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2) Shirtless pedestrian

A shirtless man with Trevor

A shirtless man with Trevor

The city of GTA 5 is filled with pedestrians and other NPCs. Players can interact with them however they like. While some don't react or respond, others do so in funny ways.

There are shirtless walkers in GTA 5 with which players can interact as Trevor. When Trevor tells him that he is a total moron, the guy responds by saying, "Sorry living and letting more people live is all I want."

3) A lady on the street

Trevor talking with the lady NPC

Trevor talking with the lady NPC

There are several female walkers scattered around the map in GTA 5. There is a woman who seems to be waiting for someone on the street. When the player approaches the woman as Trevor, she exclaims that he made her want to emigrate, to which she replies, "Well damn it!" and runs away.

4) Depressing Pedestrian

Trevor talking to the male NPC

Trevor talking to the male NPC

While roaming the streets of GTA 5, Trevor sees a male pedestrian walking down the street. As the person walks by Trevor, Trevor says, "You are depressing me friend " to which the man responds, "I am sorry, did I do something crazy?". When Trevor says this again, the person starts running away to which Trevor says, "You even run in a depressing way."

5) Old man

In GTA 5, players can freely roam around and do whatever they please. There is one instance where Trevor sees an old-looking pedestrian approaching him. He remarks, "well done with destroying the world." To this, the old person responds, "Forgive me." Trevor goes on blaming him until the old pedestrian starts running away.

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