A Fortnite player reaches 1000 crown wins, gets 'King Treatment'

A Fortnite player reaches 1000 crown wins, gets 'King Treatment'


Fortnite added a revolutionary, game-changing concept to the Battle Royale island to make Victory Royale winners feel like a king, which they named "Victory Crowns".

This is a new addition to the game, which allows the player to earn the Crown of victory along with the emote. Players can only get this crown after receiving a victory royale in either competitive or non-competitive matches.

Then, if a player carries a crown and wins another game, it will be added as a Victory Crown. It also creates fun competitions between friends to challenge their brands and compare their winning crowns.

The more crowned victory royales a looper gets, the more it adds to the Victory Crown emote. A YouTuber recently showed off his winning crown that surpassed a thousand to other players, who treated him like a king.

Fortnite players are treated like kings after securing over 1000 crowned wins

ShuffleGamer, a popular YouTuber, recently posted a video of him earning over 1000 crowns of individual wins. This is not an easy task for any individual to complete. It takes time, effort, skill, and a sense of the game.

ShuffleGamer achieved this feat and earned a backlash from the player base. To showcase this incredible feat, he entered the Party Royale island in Fortnite. He soon spawned and featured the Crowning Achievement emote, which showcased over 1000 Crowned Victory Royales.

This surprised all the players in the lobby. All the loopers started to surround him and gave off expressions of disbelief. Some thanked him, while others started accusing him of playing in the bot lobby. Soon, more players joined in, and more than 15 to 20 players surrounded him, bowing before him and treating him as a king.

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The hype around the Victory Crowns

Victory Crowns are the most trending thing about Fortnite Chapter 3, besides the most obvious weapons, island features, and Spider-Man Web Shooter.

Players regularly try to engage in friendly banter and break or set new records for most of the Crowned Victory Royales. Usually, players can get it after winning a standard Battle Royale match. But that's not the only way in which players can get the crown.

Loopers on the island can eliminate their opponents and claim their winning crown to earn the Crowned Victory Royale. This is a game-breaking addition that helps motivate players to play harder as it rewards everyone after winning a Battle Royale match.

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