Call Of Duty Mobile Confirms ‘Night Mode’ For Multiplayer & Battle Royale

Call Of Duty Mobile Confirms ‘Night Mode’ For Multiplayer & Battle Royale


Many players have requested ‘Night Mode’ in Call of Duty Mobile since last year. Well, it looks like the prayers of COD Mobile fans have finally been answered.

Recently, the Call of Duty Mobile team confirmed that the developer has a ‘Night Mode’ plan for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 was released a few days ago with lots of new in-game content. The new season introduces new Multiplayer maps, such as Terminal, along with a new 'Headquarters' game mode. Moreover, the operator skill ‘Equalizer’ is finally available to be played on COD Mobile Season 10.

However, there's a lot of new content that hasn't been released in Season 10. That's why, to let players know what's coming this season, Call of Duty Mobile is releasing a new community update on Reddit.

In a community update, players ask the developer if they have any plans for Night Mode on the BR and MP maps. Interestingly, the Call of Duty Mobile team only responded to players' questions with ‘YES.’

Call of Duty Mobile Night Mode Reddit

So, now it's confirmed that Call of Duty Mobile is working on Night Mode, which is good news for COD Mobile game enthusiasts

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It's still unknown how long it will take the developer to complete Night Mode. Given the fact that the COD Mobile team has confidently confirmed their plans in Night Mode, it can be assumed that they are close to finishing the game mode.

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