Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1: Upcoming Lucky Draws, Legendary Weapons, New Skins, & More

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1: Upcoming Lucky Draws, Legendary Weapons, New Skins, & More


Activision has changed the entire Call Of Duty Mobile storyline by introducing Season 1. In the previous season, fans experienced many ups and downs in a narrative, weapon balances, costly cosmetics, desync, and buggy gameplay.

However, with the introduction of a new season, Activision plans to remove everything and start over. The situation leads to new beginnings.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order

There is a clear gap in class between the lucky draw gun and the usual blueprints in Call Of Duty Mobile.

Upcoming lucky draws, legendary weapons, and new operators in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1

COD Mobile Season 1 Best SMG Skins

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Best "SMG Skins"

Activision has prepared several new lucky draws, crates, and bundles, to keep fans immersed in their glossy cosmetics.

Three draws are coming to Call Of Duty Mobile in Season 1. According to data miners, some of the weapons acquired through this draw have been restructured to facilitate the new meta.

Along with that, some bundles and crates will also be introduced, however, they don't have any legendary weapons.

Social Disruptor Draw

The next lucky draw that players can do will feature the famous assault rifle, the ICR-1.

gunzo cod mobile

The Social Disruptor Draw will feature Gunzo - Clown Coded, a joker-like character who may be inspired by the DC legend "The Batman Who Laughs." On the other hand, ICR - Forced Laughter is a legendary weapon with an interactive clown skin.

The items in the Social Disruptor Draw are as follows:

  • Comedy of error codes - Calling Card
  • Cluster Grenade - Slapstick
  • S36 - Slapstick
  • Parachute - Slapstick
  • Snowboard - Slapstick
  • Charm - Gunzo's Toy
  • Wingsuit - Slapstick
  • Baseball bat - Slapstick
  • Operator - Gunzo - Clown Coded
  • ICR - Forced Laughter (Legendary)

This will be Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1's first new draw. All other items will be part of the Slapstick set in COD Mobile.

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Perhaps one of the most interactive in-game cosmetics, players can purchase the entire set for around 3500-5000 CP (prices may vary depending on the game version).

Season 1 also introduces two new weapons in COD Mobile - SKS Sniper / DMR and FR.556. Naturally, these two weapons will also have their own draw with a new operator.

FR.556 Lucky Draw

The FR.556 prize draw leaked by YouTuber Anonymous YT will feature a Breach Set on Call Of Duty Mobile. This draw will probably follow shortly after the Social Disruptor Draw, and it will bring a new set of cosmetics to COD Mobile.

The items in the FR.556 lucky draw are as follows:

  • Parachute - Breach
  • Worldwide - Calling Card
  • Outlaw - Breach
  • EMP Grenade - Breach 
  • .50 GS - Breach
  • Charm - Hedron
  • Emote - "Aha"
  • Karambit - Breach
  • Operator - Ether - Network
  • FR.556 - Superhighway (Legendary)

FR.556 has the potential to become a meta-altering weapon in Call Of Duty Mobile. This draw will therefore be of great benefit to players who like to engage in close combat using assault rifles.

Players can purchase the entire set by lottery for around 3400-5200 CP (prices may vary depending on the version of the game).

SKS Lucky Draw

COD Mobile New Marsman Rifle

SKS DMR, added in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1, has already earned a reputation for being flawlessly accurate. SKS in COD Mobile is equivalent to DMR in Warzone, and players have started to dominate in battle royale mode with this new weapon.

The SKS lucky draw will bring a new legendary blueprint to the mix. At the same time, fan-favorite old operators will return wearing a new outfit.

According to Anonymous YT, this draw will feature three legendary items - one weapon, one calling card, and a talisman. Reports suggest that it will enter FR.556 lucky draw, however, players can also expect it to drop in late February.

The SKS lucky draw will have the following items:

  • Malignance - Calling Card
  • Backpack - Mire
  • QQ9 - Mire
  • MW11 - Mire
  • Smoke Grenade - Mire
  • Charm - Malpractice
  • Folding Knife - Mire
  • Emote - Stranger Brew
  • Operator - Witch Doctor - Wrong Medicine
  • SKS - Particle Splitter (Legendary)

The Mire set will feature Epic blueprints that have reactive blue camo. This, together with the Shaman operator, makes SKS sweepstakes one of the most enticing in-game purchases of all time.

Reports indicate that players can purchase the lottery for around 3500-5200 CP (prices may vary depending on the game version).

These are the three draws to come at Call Of Duty Mobile. Players who want to win games and look good at them should consider all three.

Despite all the criticism, Activision has done a brilliant job of improving the entire COD Mobile plot.

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