Call Of Duty Mobile Will Get ‘Terminal’ Map In Season 10

Call Of Duty Mobile Will Get ‘Terminal’ Map In Season 10


Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is in progress, and players are still enjoying all the new content in one of the most popular battle royale games on their phones.

COD Mobile has now started showing off the upcoming content for Season 10. Recently, Call of Duty Mobile announced that the new Season 10 update will introduce a Multiplayer 'Terminal' map in-game.


'Terminal' is a mid-sized multiplayer map that was first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The map was later remade as a free DLC for Modern Warfare 3. Now, the same multiplayer map has finally arrived in Call of Duty Mobile.

The Call of Duty Mobile team tweeted a foggy image from the Terminal map confirming it for next season. “Attention passengers, Flight #: 83764625 is now boarding!⁣⁣,” Call of Duty Mobile said in a tweet. However, only COD fanatics can guess the map name by looking at the picture.

COD Mobile Season 10

Interestingly, many COD Mobile players thought that the Terminal map would arrive with the Season 9 update. That's because Call of Duty Mobile released the map in the beta version of the game some time ago.

If you have access to COD Mobile Beta, you can enjoy a Terminal map without waiting for the Season 10 update.

However, players can expect the Season 10 update to arrive in a global version of the game in mid-September. So, you can immediately get on a flight on the Terminal map.

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