Call Of Duty Mobile: “Zombies isn’t something we’ve forgotten about”

Call Of Duty Mobile: “Zombies isn’t something we’ve forgotten about”


Did you miss shooting the Zombie hordes in COD Mobile? If so, you will be disappointed that Zombies' mode doesn’t return in Season 11. However, recently, COD Mobile’s GM, Matt Lewis, confirmed that Call of Duty Mobile would bring back the popular “Zombies” mode in a future update.

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The Zombies mode is a fan-favorite feature of the Call of Duty franchise. In this mode, players have to survive through multiple waves of zombies to win the game. The longer the squad lasts, the better the prizes.

COD Mobile had its own rendition of Zombies until removed following an update in March 2020. The game mode was added as a time-limited event at the start of the year and lasted for roughly three months.

Back then, the devs revealed that they want to re-introduce an improved version of the Zombies mode; after incorporating changes based on user feedback. It seems that the return of a new and improved COD Mobile Zombies is now on the horizon.

During an interview with GameSpot, Matt Lewis interestingly said, “We don’t have an update for Zombies now, but Zombies isn’t something we’ve forgotten about.” This statement clearly implies that Zombies could be a part of developer TiMi Studios’s long-term plan for the game.

Moreover, Lewis also talked about the franchise’s plans for creating crossover events between COD Mobile and COD Black Ops Cold War. “We do have plans for some rewarding cross-game experiences, one of which has already launched,” he said.

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Apart from a possible return to COD Mobile, Zombies will also feature in the upcoming COD Black Ops Cold War. The game is currently in open beta and will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 13, 2020.

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