Emotes in Call Of Duty Mobile: All you need to know

Emotes in Call Of Duty Mobile: All you need to know


Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the favorites for players who like to play battle royale games. This game offers battle royale and multiplayer modes. This mode gives players different tastes in the same game.

However, the game has emotes as well. Players can use Emotes to describe their emotions in the game or to brag to their enemies.

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Here are some COD Mobile Season 13 Emotes:

These are Emotes that players can use while playing the game. 'Salute,' 'Recognize Me,' 'Mad Respect,' 'Cut-throat,' 'Fist Pump,' 'Yeah Buddy,' 'Muscle Show,' 'Two Thumbs Up,' 'Sweep This,' 'Clucked Up,' 'Poplock,' and 'Selfie,' 'Gunslinger.'

In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13, players also got some new emotes. That is:

Snowball Fight: The character throws a snowball when the players use this emote.

Outer Space Shuffle: The character dance in a unique style when a player uses this emote.

Harness the Power: The characters are seen harnessing some special power while using this emote.

Build a snowman: The character builds a snowman when the players use this emote.

Make it Rain: The character is seen to shower money in this emote.

High Kick: The character kicks like a Kung-Foo player in this emote.

Shiver: The character shivers in the cold in this emotion.

Give a Gift: The character gives a wrapped gift when the players use this emote.

Hopak: Another unique dance move.

Call Of Duty Mobile Emotes

Here is the process of using Emotes on Call Of Duty Mobile:

Players can follow these steps to use the Emote.

Step 1: Open the game and head to the lobby.

Step 2: Click the ‘LOADOUT’ icon at the main screen's bottom.

COD Mobile Season 13 main screen

Step 3: Go to the loadout 'CUSTOMIZATION' section.


Step 4: Select the favorite to emote and click on equip.

After that, follow these steps to use these emotes.

Step 1: Select the 'Thumbs Up' button to open the loadout of emotes.

Step 2: Click on the favorite emote.

Step 3: The character performs the emote the player has chosen.

For more details, watch this video:

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