Call Of Duty Mobile Season 14 Test Server: All You Need To Know

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 14 Test Server: All You Need To Know


Call Of Duty Mobile has grown rapidly since its release in October 2019. The game combines unique aspects that separate it from other genre titles on the mobile platform.

Before introducing a new feature into the game, COD Mobile developers tested it in the beta server / public test. Recently, the Season 14 trial began, allowing users to try out a variety of new features.

According to the official Reddit post, the trial was technical in nature and had a smaller participation limit than is commonly held.

All the details about the COD Mobile Season 14 test server:

COD Mobile Season 14 test server 1

The post on Reddit reads:

“Another build is here today, and this time around, we may have several more dropping throughout the month as we lead up to the next release.”

Here are the details provided about the build:

Start Date: January 11th (PT)

End Date: Not specified

Availability: Only for Android devices

Size: 2 GB

Player Cap: Limited to 5000 players (based on the first-come-first-serve basis)

Age Rating: 16+

All player information and data collected in the test build will be deleted. The ongoing testing server will primarily test core aspects of COD Mobile, such as the login process.

A new game mode has also been added, called Attack of the Undead 20, an enhanced version of the famous model.

COD Mobile Attack of the Undead

The test build is also separate from the global client version and will be installed as a separate application. Therefore, gamers don't need to delete the main COD Mobile application.

The developer also revealed:

COD Mobile Season 14 test server 2

“Lastly, for all of you iOS players out there, you’ll be happy to know we are looking into some options around adding that to the mix for future tests. No promises yet, but we are working on it! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to assist us with this test, and if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out and ask!”

Players can click here to read test announcements made on Reddit.

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