Fortnite 17.20 update: Map changes, Coral Castle destruction, new POI, and more

Fortnite 17.20 update: Map changes, Coral Castle destruction, new POI, and more


Fortnite is approaching its seventh week of Chapter 2 - Season 7. That means the season is roughly two-thirds complete, but Epic Games isn't done with that yet. New stuff is definitely on the horizon, and if some of these leaks are to be believed, it's going to be a wild ending. With only about three weeks left until the end, big events and changes have the potential to come to Fortnite. This is all that is known so far.

Fortnite 17.20 potential update

While the leaked Ariana Grande concert or more DC characters aren't likely in the next update, 17.20 might still bring many additions to Fortnite. The update is expected to arrive tomorrow, July 20th. The announcements and leaks have led to the following predictions:

Ariana Grande Fortnite concert

Ariana Grande might get a Fortnite concert

1. Invasion of alien troops

The Fortnite island has been under attack since the dawn of Season 7, and aliens have been getting closer and closer to attacking it with each passing day. It seems they are now poised to finally invade the island, based on the Fortnite tweet below.

2. Addition of an underground POI

It's unclear, however, if this will replace an old POI or exist alongside (which is possible since it's underground).

3. Destruction of Coral Castle

According to Fortnite Intel, Coral Castle's destruction is imminent. It has been rumored for a while and appears to finally be on the horizon. It might also possibly be related to the addition of an underground POI.

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5. Addition of a new NPC

It has been rumored that Vorian Scout is Fortnite's upcoming NPC.

Vorian Scout Fortnite

Vorian Scout description

Is this going to be the biggest in-season update ever?

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