Fortnite Season 7: How to get the Toxic Rick skin

Fortnite Season 7: How to get the Toxic Rick skin


Fortnite fans might expect aliens to come to the island in Season 7 after UFOs started appearing and abducting people on Risky Reels during the end of Season 6. Nonetheless, there's no sign of a surprising Rick and Morty collaboration. Several data miners released snippets, but nothing was confirmed.

Aliens have arrived on the island of Fortnite led by Kymera. Players under the leadership of Dr. Sloan, along with heroes like Superman, are responsible for countering the oncoming attacks from outsiders. The last page of the Battle Pass features Rick Sanchez as the last character the player can unlock.

Rick Sanchez and Superman will be the most searched skins this season. However, players cannot unlock Superman yet and will have to wait a while before Fortnite allows the skin to be unlocked.

How to unlock the Toxic Rick style in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite players can rock the Rick Sanchez skin in matches from the Battle Pass. The game has a new Battle Pass progression mechanism where players gain Season levels as they play. They can also complete various in-game quests to earn Battle Stars. To unlock Rick Sanchez's basic skin in Fortnite, all players need to do is:

  • Reach level 90 of the Battle Pass, or
  • Claim 89 Battle Pass rewards according to choice to unlock page 10, which holds the base Rick Sanchez skin

Players can ignore every other reward on the page and purchase a basic Rick Sanchez skin for nine Battle Stars.

One can buy the Toxic Rick skin. However, these skins are not the easiest to get, especially for free-to-play players. Toxic Rick charges each player a massive amount of 20 Battle Stars. Additionally, it demands a minimum of 105 Battle Pass rewards before players can unlock Toxic Rick in Fortnite.

Players need to grind the game to an insane level to collect all the items needed to unlock various skins in Fortnite. With all the popular collaborations, players are sure to enjoy smashing games to get their hands on their favorite characters.

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