UFO Fortnite nerfed, jumps from Competitive just 2 days into Season 7

UFO Fortnite nerfed, jumps from Competitive just 2 days into Season 7


Fortnite Season 7 has kicked off with a bang (literally after the Fortnite UFO blew up Spire). Despite the issues with the partially useless Rumble and llama modes, the new season has been fantastic so far.

However, when new mechanics and dynamics were put aside, it became clear that Fortnite UFO was too powerful. While they are interesting to look at, their damage output is insane even when piloted by the aliens themselves. It only gets worse when players control it.

Apart from just moving, players can use it as a mobile weapon platform. Unlocking a variety of tactical options while engaging, it's almost as if this Fortnite UFO has become the new meta in Season 7.

Nonetheless, it seems aliens are by far the sweatiest players in the game right now. Once locked on the player, their ship fires non-stop.

Adding insult to injury, the tractor beam is also pretty strong, considering how far players catapult, which has caused Epic Games to nerf them just two days into the season.

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With that much firepower accessible to the player, the whole meta shifts from a weapon to a single-vehicle. Undoubtedly, the Rail Gun is the perfect counter for UFOs, but it's not always easy to find one.

This is why most players just scatter when one of these Fortnite UFOs arrives on the scene. The balance in combat feels very unbalanced, which has Epic nerfing the Energy Cannon by 25% (not much, but it's a start).

While this does not affect the rate of fire or damage output, the area of effect should be substantially reduced. In theory, this would allow players to dodge attacks more easily.

Aside from the somewhat nerfed Fortnite UFO, the developers have removed it completely from Competitive and tweaked it. It's easy to understand why Epic did this, considering that Competitive is more about box combat and the type of action on the field.

By all means, this is probably one of the many nerfs that will be implemented into certain in-game mechanics throughout Fortnite Season 7. In the coming days, the developers are definitely bound to nerf more powerful items in the game.

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