How to meet Trevor in GTA Online and unlock all the missions

How to meet Trevor in GTA Online and unlock all the missions


GTA Online's mission structure is fairly open and largely independent of GTA 5's story mode. While other GTA 5 protagonists such as Franklin and Michael are completely absent from GTA Online, Trevor Philips returns as a cameo and a source of missions and heists. He joins the likes of Martin Madrazo and Hao, who are taking from the single-player component to the multiplayer side, adding a bit of continuity between the two universes.

Trevor's contact mission in GTA Online and his lineup

Unlocking Trevor's mission in GTA Online first requires the player to reach Rank 13 in the game. Players will then receive a call from Trevor's partner, Ron, informing them that Trevor wants to meet them. Heading to Trevor's trailer at Sandy Shores will take players to Trevor's first mission entitled "TP Industries."

Players will now embark on a multi-part journey, helping Trevor expand the reach of TP Industries throughout Los Santos. There are nine missions in total that Trevor and Ron can accept in GTA Online in addition to the Series A Funding heist offered separately. Here's a list of all of Trevor's missions in GTA Online and the corresponding rankings they unlock:

  1. TP Industries - Rank 13
  2. Lost My Mind - Rank 20
  3. Crystal Clear Out - Rank 28
  4. Chop Chop - Rank 43
  5. Out of Harmony - Rank 50
  6. Satellite Communications - Rank 60
  7. The method in the Madness - Rank 65
  8. Chopper Tail - Rank 70
  9. Diamonds are for Trevor - Rank 70

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Players can access this mission through Ron (who will appear as an R on the map) and Trevor (marked with a T on the map).

In addition to the contact mission, Trevor features as a major part of the Series A heist. Serving as a sort of prequel event, Series A heist depicts Trevor's actions before the events of GTA 5 and what his life was like at Sandy Shores before the addition of Franklin and Michael.

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