Minecraft 1.17: Best shaders for Caves & Cliffs update

Minecraft 1.17: Best shaders for Caves & Cliffs update


Many Minecraft players use shaders to enhance their game's visual experience.

With the latest Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, many new in-game elements contribute to the visuals of the game. So gamers might be looking for a custom shader pack with a 1.17 update.

Fortunately, many shader packs tend to be updated with Minecraft itself. Here is a list of awesome shaders available for Minecraft 1.17.

Great shaders for Minecraft version 1.17


1. Sildur’s Shaders

minecraft sildurs shaders update

Sildur’s Shaders is a great option for all types of Minecraft players. This shader pack works on almost all operating systems, not just PCs.

Sildur's Shaders enhance light from all sources and bring a whole new feel to almost any form of light in Minecraft. This is great for new light sources like glow berries and candles.

Sildur's shaders also change the texture of the water in Minecraft. This is especially important to try with the new water monsters, the axolotl, and the glowing squid.

Plus, the best aspect of this shader pack is the ability to change certain features in it. Sildur's Shaders comes with Basic, Light, and Vibrant shaders, all with their own set of settings. Players can pick and choose which one looks best to them for any given Minecraft attempt.

2. AstraLex Shaders

minecraft astralex shaders update

AstraLex Shaders is designed with Minecraft content creators in mind. What's great about this shader pack is how cinematic visuals are taken into account.

The goal of AstraLex shaders is to not only improve the appearance of Minecraft, but also the gaming performance on high-end PCs. This shader will make the game run more smoothly and appear more visually appealing.

This shader pack is probably best for Minecraft players who like to create creative and narrative Minecraft videos or those who enjoy Minecraft for the ability to create lore and stories on the server.

3. Triliton’s Shaders

minecraft trilitons shaders update

Although Triliton’s Shaders usually requires a hefty computer, this shader pack is invaluable for those who can install it. Shaders Triliton is sure to add depth and beauty to any Minecraft server.

Triliton’s Shaders make nature look amazing and more realistic than ever. The sky is the main aspect of this shader pack with amazing sun and moonlight effects. Water is another awesome part of Triliton's Shaders, as it adds reflectivity and dynamic color variation in water sources.

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4. Complementary Shaders

minecraft complementary shaders update

Complementary Shaders have a dynamic lighting function that changes how daylight, and especially moonlight, affects the visual world.

This shader pack might be interesting to apply to a new generation of worlds like huge mountains and deep caves, where light can hit the surface differently than usual. Plus, these shaders will work well on all types of PCs without causing Minecraft to run much slower.

5. KUDA Shaders

minecraft kuda shaders update

KUDA Shaders is a great option for Minecraft players looking for simple but powerful shaders. This shader pack gets better with every Minecraft update thanks to its creators working hard to ensure optimal performance.

HORSE Shader adds new visuals to Minecraft, with things like hyper-realistic fog and light flares. This shader takes Minecraft to a whole new level by retaining some of the original game textures and combining them with dynamic and realistic HORSE custom textures.

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