How to try the free Fortnite Renegade Skull Trooper skin early

How to try the free Fortnite Renegade Skull Trooper skin early


Fortnite often allows players to get new skins for free. They host trophies where top players are rewarded with free skins around the clock, such as the J Balvin Cup, Gamora Cup, and Wonder Woman Cup. This time, players are allowed to unlock the Renegade Skull Trooper skin for free.

The Renegade Skull Trooper skin was recently announced and although there are several variations of the Skull Trooper skin, the Renegade version is the latest. This is a popular skin type and now players will likely rush to try and get it for free. Here's how they can do it.

Get the Renegade Skull Trooper skin for free in Fortnite

Fortnite New Renegade Skull Trooper Skin

Unfortunately for players who unlock it, the Renegade Skull Trooper skin will only be temporarily free. Just like the Bugha Late Game tournament, this skin will only be available to certain players for a short time. This time it will happen in the Fortnite Late Game Arena.

Fortnite players who achieve 10 or more eliminations in the Late Game Arena will be awarded the Renegade Skull Trooper skin for that match. Their avatar will change to a new Halloween skin once it reaches that number.

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Once everything is done, they will return to their previously equipped skin and must purchase the Renegade Skull Trooper to use in other modes or for permanent use. They can't fully unlock it for free, but a short free trial is available.

Epic Games seems to be hoping this will entice Fortnite players to buy the skin, but chances are a lot of people are planning to do so before they even get to test it. The Skull Trooper skin has always been one of the most popular in the game.

Either way, players who can't or won't buy it at least have a chance to see what it looks like before giving it away.

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