Minecraft: Ranking of rarest to most common biomes

Minecraft: Ranking of rarest to most common biomes


The world of Minecraft consists of randomly generated terrain made up of different areas called biomes. Each biome has its own unique look, climate, ecosystem, wildlife, structure, and more.

Some Minecraft biomes are very common, while others are quite rare overall. Many biomes even have as many variations as possible in the game.

Unless a specific world seed is entered before loading in a new world, Minecraft will randomly decide which biomes make up the player's environment.

Finding rare biomes while exploring the world of Minecraft can be very exciting. Some rare biomes even offer players interesting perks, such as unlocked mine shafts in the badlands biome or pandas in the jungle biome.

Ever wondered what the odds are of finding each biome at random? This list ranks each Minecraft biome from the most common to the most common.

Each Minecraft biome is ranked by rarity

From the rarest to the most common, these are all Minecraft biomes, specifically in Overworld only:

  1. Modified Jungle Edge
  2. Modified Badlands Plateau
  3. Snowy Taiga Mountains
  4. Mushroom Fields
  5. Bamboo Jungle
  6. Badlands
  7. Badlands Plateau
  8. Giant Tree Taiga
  9. Giant Tree Taiga Hills
  10. Gravelly Mountains
  11. Snowy Mountains
  12. Frozen Ocean
  13. Snowy Beach
  14. Jungle Hills
  15. Stone Beach
  16. Flower Forest
  17. Savanna Plateau
  18. Snowy Tundra
  19. Jungle
  20. Taiga Hills
  21. Desert Hills
  22. Deep Cold Ocean
  23. Warm Ocean
  24. Savanna
  25. Wooded Mountains
  26. Birch Forest
  27. Cold Ocean
  28. Dark Forest
  29. River
  30. Lukewarm Ocean
  31. Taiga
  32. Beach
  33. Forest Hills
  34. Desert
  35. Swamp
  36. Mountains
  37. Ocean
  38. Plains
  39. Forest

It should be noted that because each world seed is different, the rarity of this biome will vary depending on each Minecraft world.

Many biomes share the same percentage of generations and are technically tied in terms of rarity. For this list, rough estimates are considered.

Additionally, the Minecraft 1.18 update, which will add another Caves & Cliffs feature, will introduce several new biomes into the game.

The rarest biomes are combinations of several biomes. Since they needed two separate biomes to join together, they naturally had less chance of earning in the world.

The odds have to be perfectly aligned to create a modified forest edge, for example, as it is a combination of swampy hills and forest biomes.

Ocean biomes come in a few different variants, but the ocean will typically make up at least half of a given Minecraft world, making it fairly common overall except frozen ocean biomes.

There are even more biomes in other dimensions of Minecraft. The bottom has five unique biomes of its own, and its final dimensions are technically only one biome overall.

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Many Minecraft fans have suggested updating to the end to incorporate more biomes into the dimensions, so maybe there will be even more to explore in the future.

As Minecraft continues to update, new biomes will likely continue to be introduced and change the logistics of biome rarity.

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