Fortnite Season 6 Leaks: Everything has been revealed so far about the v16.10 update

Fortnite Season 6 Leaks: Everything has been revealed so far about the v16.10 update


It has been confirmed that the Fortnite v16.10 update will arrive sometime next week.

Many players have been waiting for Fortnite's latest update, as some bug fixes and other great in-game mechanics will be tweaked during game downtime.

This confirmation comes after the Fortnite Twitter account mentioned that an update will be made next week. Some of the changes include Zero Point Finale, Arena Hype reset, possible story updates, and more.

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Everything revealed for Fortnite v16.10

Zero Point Finale

The official Fortnite Status account revealed that the Zero Point Finale will be on until the game's downtime. This means that the event will officially be over after the update is complete. This is a smart move, especially considering that the event itself takes a chunk of data from the game, rendering it slower.

fortnite v16.10 update

It remains unclear whether Zero Point Finale will be available for those who still haven't made it to Season 6 for the first time.

Fortnite Cash Cup

Another official Fortnite account, Fortnite Competitive, revealed that the Arena Hype has been reset.

April Crew Pack

april crew pack fortnite

While Fortnite recently announced an April Crew Pack, it will add the missing Load Screen. It has shaping issues in the game, making it non-rendering and quite useless.

Bug Fixes

bug fixes fortnite

Apart from all this, Fortnite will also have some bug fixes. This update will fix an issue where duplicate notifications appeared when completing a Legendary Mission at a party. It should also resolve ongoing "Ready Up" issues for split-screen gameplay.

Epic will also officially fix visibility issues during thunderstorms. Players have noted that the game does not look right when it is in a storm, as it is almost impossible to navigate through the storm.

Other possible improvements to Fortnite include PS4 and PS5 console users not being able to form system-level parties between the two consoles. Other problems such as anomalies not appearing on Shark Island and opening up an inventory that nullifies the chance of awakening and interactions with other people might also be resolved.

More on the list of possible bug fixes are coming to Creative Mode, as some players have reported moving slowly from nowhere. Several players reported that they were caught in an obstacle course, with the player portal appearing as "Creative Don't Fill" when they shouldn't.

Things that might happen

raptor eggs fortnite

With all this, players may finally get to see the real Raptor in the game. Several large eggs had scattered around the map, with some eventually starting to hatch.

Also, the Unstable Bow sold by Rebirth Raven might have finally happened. Rumor has it that the Unstable Bow is a Bow that will rotate through one of the many versions of the bow once in player possession. This means it can be one of the bows that can be made in the game.

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