Fortnite Season 6 leaks: New Golden Llama, Storm Changes, & More

Fortnite Season 6 leaks: New Golden Llama, Storm Changes, & More


Fortnite Season 6 got off to an amazing start. Update 16.10 is just around the corner, and given that, data miners have gone into overdrive, digging into whatever they could find before the update arrived.

Fortnite Season 6 shows a lot of promise in terms of its storytelling, and from the looks of it, the way the season ends will have huge consequences for the season to come as well.

First things first, the Fortnite 16.10 update arrives next week. Most likely, the renewal will be canceled on March 30, which happens next Tuesday. This aligns with the pattern Epic Games has been following for a while now.

New Storm Fortnite

With the new update, the storm is supposed to change. With performance mode enabled, everything is visible. However, when performance mode is disabled, it's almost impossible to see a thunderstorm. Epic Games is already working on this fix, and it will be available in Fortnite Season 6 with the next update.

In one of the daily quests this season, Rebirth Raven mentions that "the corruption in this place... it's spreading" when visiting a guardian tower.

Guardian Tower Fortnite

There might be some visual changes to the map in a future update as well. During one of her quests, Rebirth Raven said that corruption in the area was spreading. So there's a chance that brown areas will start to spread out on the map too.

For some reason, there's a new data table for the Upgrade Bench and it has these upgrades (with the prices of the same resources as the old upgrade bench). Don't know if epic is planning to bring it back or if it was a scrapped idea.

Scrapped Fortnite

There is a chance the increased benches may return as well. For now, all the looper can do in this game is create new weapons, but with the upgrade bench, they will be able to increase the rarity of this weapon. This feature will be very beneficial, because players no longer need to rely on RNG for loot, as long as it is aired on Fortnite Season 6.

french fry fortnite season 6 leaks

Data miners believe that files related to Family Guy found last season are still being worked on by Epic Games in Fortnite Season 6. The files are codenamed "French Fry," and since the developers are still working on them, the game might see Family Guy collaborations this season. alone.

The community has also suggested some changes, and this time, the community wants to include a golden llama in the game. Gold llamas can be rarer than regular llamas and must drop gold, materials, and parts.

This downgrade of Mechanical Parts has slowed down the game a little bit according to the community, and increasing the drop rate is something they really appreciate.

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