Fortnite Season 7 Leaks: Two upcoming weapons, the Cowinator and the Prop Gun

Fortnite Season 7 Leaks: Two upcoming weapons, the Cowinator and the Prop Gun


Although players have recently learned about Fortnite Season 7, two new weapons are already on their way to the game. Epic Games has released IO Tech weapons to run alongside Season 7, and the next series of weapons also complements the alien theme.

Players have less than a week to experience the game-changing and amazing features of Fortnite Season 7. The weapons coming out soon will only amplify and continue to build hype around the alien invasion.

fortnite cowinatorfortnite prop gun

  • Left: Cowinator (Lifts Objects and Throws them)
  • Right: Prop Gun (Transforms you to Props with a Cooldown and Notifies Enemies Nearby every 30 Seconds)

Fortnite's next leaked weapon in Season 7

With all the alien tech landings in Fortnite recently, it's no surprise that an arsenal of high-tech weapons will also follow. Like most seasons, Epic Games has released images and information about weapons that will be added soon.

The Rick & Morty crossover introduces new cosmetic features, such as the Rich Sanchez skin, Morty's hammer ax, and more. Since Rick is one of the main characters, an image showing him wielding one of the weapons makes a lot of sense.

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The Cowinator

fortnite season 7 the cowinator

The Cowinator seems to be a type of gravity weapon that can pick up things in the world and throw them. It's unclear what items can be picked up and how far they can be thrown, but the trailer shows Rick taking a taxi.

Think of this weapon as the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator from the popular franchise, Half-Life. The gun may be needed for future quests or challenges in Fortnite Season 7, so keep the releases up to date.

The Prop Gun

fortnite season 7 the prop gun

Weapons that can turn players into props return to Fortnite, similar to Chapter 1, where the game included a Prop Hunt mode. This alien-like gun that looks like a one-handed controller-type device is able to disguise players as ordinary objects.

This weapon comes with a decent cooldown to nerf its camouflage abilities and warns players of nearby enemies every 30 seconds.

Fortnite has kicked off Season 7 with a bang with alien features and game-changing technology. More leaks are sure to continue to unfold as the week progresses, and players can explore them all to discover the excitement around them.

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