Top 10 Fortnite Season 6 hidden secrets

Top 10 Fortnite Season 6 hidden secrets


Fortnite still took players by surprise as Season 6 continued.

Like other new seasons, Fortnite has its fair share of annoyances and hidden secrets for in-game use this season. Some provide the player with an advantage, while others are just fun to know and sometimes involve ongoing Fortnite lore.

Below are the top 10 hidden secrets that some players still don't know.

Top 10 Hidden Fortnite Secrets

#10 – Fortifying Island

Fortifying Island Fortnite

(Image via Epic Games)

Many players only now found out that the island was blocking itself. Much speculation led to the belief that this fortress was for the "Primal War" to come, keeping the Primal area of the island out of the Island Mechanic area.

#9 – Spire Tower Noise

Spire Tower Noise Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

The Spire itself is now reacting with a new sound. When the Retail Row barricades went up not too long ago, the Spire began making an eerie sound whenever players were near its top. Plus, it is now glowing more and more as the days go by.

#8 – NPC 17

NPC 17 Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

A lot of players have been trying to complete the NPC collection, but cannot as NPC 17 is still not here. It is none other than Sparkplug, who will either be in Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods or the Power Dam. The location is not yet confirmed, but reports are that players will be able to upgrade guns directly with Sparkplug and gather Mechanical Parts.

#7 – New Crafting

New Crafting Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

Depending on the new update, there will be three new ways to craft bows. The first requires a Drift Hop Flopper and a Mechanical Bow that turns into a Shockwave Bow. The next requires a Molten Spicy Fish and a Primal Bow, for the Flaming Bows. While the last one is another Flaming Bow but is crafted by having two Peppers and one Primal Bow.

#6 – Reboot a Friend

Reboot a Friend Fortnite

(Image via Epic Games)

Many players think that to obtain the Reboot a Friend reward, players must play with people who have not played Fortnite in a long time. This is false, as long as players play with others, the rewards will be tracked and obtainable.

#5 – Midas Gold Touch

Midas Gold Touch Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

Players know that Midas’ gold touch turns everything to gold that's already in their inventory. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with new items in Fortnite Season 6, but it does turn the Spire Jump Boots gold. It’s the only new item that turns gold with Midas.

#4 – NPCs Fighting Spire Guardians

NPCs Fighting Spire Guardians Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

Players might not know, but if they hired NPC bodyguards in Fortnite, they would fight against the Spire Guardians. This is actually really helpful if the player wants to take some of the loot from the Spire Guardians. While not always ideal to do, as it may take time, it can help players get cool gear without wasting ammo.

#3 – Egg Launcher Rocket Ride

Egg Launcher Rocket Ride Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

Players were uncertain whether or not they could rocket ride the Egg Launcher like other RPGs. Well, it turns out players definitely can. Treating the Egg Launcher like any other Fortnite RPG allows for players to ride the eggs that shoot out.

#2 – Hiding in Bushes

Hiding in Bushes Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

When players jump into a bush in Fortnite, they will find that they can hide from NPC’s such as the Spire Guardians. The Spire Guardian will immediately forget where players go when hiding and move on. However, hiding in bushes does not protect players from Raptors or other wildlife.

#1 – Shockwave Bow vs Glider

Shockwave Bow vs Glider Fortnite

(Image via Twitter)

If an enemy player arrives with a glider, you can shoot them with a Shockwave Bow and knock them off guard in Fortnite. The blow would stop the aircraft and knock it completely to the floor. This basically repeats them high above without the glider and stops them mid-flight.

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